One team, one heart

A year guided by generosity

Once again this year, the Foundation distinguished itself by the role it played and its commitment to Montfort and its patients. Various communities organized many new activities.

Among our achievements last year, the “For You, Sweet Heart” fundraising campaign was pursued and allowed Montfort to purchase a CT scanner with a specialized cardiac module. Mission accomplished. Thank you so much!

But our work is not finished. The challenges are great and the needs even greater. This is what motivates us to continue to work as one team, one heart. In fact, the construction of the brand new Orléans Health Hub, which is now on the horizon, will be the focus of our next targeted fundraising campaign. But let’s take a moment to revisit our priorities and strengthen our fundraising strategies. The Foundation is working on a solid strategic plan that will guide it through to 2021, and has completely modernized its visual identity to bring it in line with that of the hospital.

We all know that giving is not only an act of charity, but also a civic gesture. Each year, more and more committed donors take part in our activities and make the Montfort Hospital Foundation their charity of choice.

On behalf of the Foundation, thank you for your generous donations that allow our Francophone Academic Hospital – the only one in the province – to continue offering exemplary person-centred care within a compassionate community.

 Madeleine Joanisse
Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees

 Christine Sigouin
Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer

In 2017–2018, the Foundation gave:

  • $1,552,816 to Hôpital Montfort
  • $2,134,095 to the Institut du Savoir Montfort (ISM) – A Knowledge Institute
  • $19,000 in scholarships to our future healthcare professionals

  We invite you to read our annual report at https://hopitalmontfort.com/en/foundation