[institut du savoir montfort - ISM]

Our second year, our second annual report.

The Institut du Savoir Montfort (ISM) has not yet celebrated its third birthday, but the knowledge institute has already taken on a leadership role in research and Francophone education in Canada. At the crossroads of knowledge and practice, the ISM brings together researchers and academics around a single objective: to improve the world of health for a healthier world.

Over the last year, researchers from ISM drew attention to the Institute’s niches of excellence, in particular healthcare services; the research project Moving Postpartum Care Home was so conclusive that it will soon be possible for new mothers of healthy newborns to go home less than 24 hours after delivery, and receive an average of three home visits a week from one of the hospital’s midwives.

It was also another fruitful year for the ISM’s pedagogical experts, who overcame distances and borders and attracted students from Switzerland and Ireland to the ISM and Montfort for their internships. Ultimately, close to 1900 students from all professions passed through the ISM this year (exceeding the total number of Hospital employees!), representing 22 000 student days for the healthcare professions and over 25 200 student days in medicine! Moreover, while 13 new residents joined the Family Medicine team this year, there were also new additions to Psychiatry, Obstetrics-Gynaecology and General Surgery.

The ISM also distinguished itself through the development and offer of many innovative training sessions, such as Atelier 911 au bureau, and the in-situ simulation for codes blue, white and orange. These trainings were roundly applauded at major Canadian conferences. The ISM also coordinated some 150 training sessions on the updated version of MEDITECH and played an active role in the shift towards a recovery-oriented approach for the Mental Health Program.

As we take stock and celebrate the past year, we must also redouble our efforts and embrace even greater ambitions. For researchers and educators, the ISM is a place where passion is the common denominator of all of our major successes.

 2018–19, here we come!

Dr. André Bilodeau
Chief Operating Officer, Institut du Savoir Montfort