I am proud to present my annual report describing the achievements of Montfort’s Association des bénévoles, the vital role played by its members and their contribution to the institution’s vitality.

Let’s start with some numbers: in 2017–2018, the Association welcomed 413 volunteers. Among these volunteers, it was able to count on the support of 215 hard-working and loyal people, devoted to serving the hospital on a regular and constant basis. They generously provided 44 237 hours of volunteer service. Moreover, 48 high school students chose Montfort to perform the hours required for the Ministry of Education’s volunteer program in Ontario. In all, they provided 1339 hours of service in the summer of 2017.

In addition, the Association contributed $56,184.05 to the hospital, used to purchase toiletries for some patients, and, above all, to fund projects in mental health and medicine.

But beyond the numbers, the Association des bénévoles continued to pursue its important mission. Concretely, this mission involves, on the one hand, an ongoing partnership with the hospital’s healthcare professionals and, on the other, the services it provides to patients and their loved ones. The volunteers support the actions of the medical and professional staff at Montfort. Their presence adds an extra touch to the outstanding care that the hospital already provides to its patients.

Volunteers also serve the members of the community who come to Montfort when they are facing illness. The volunteers offer service and support, but also a smile and a friendly face that contributes to the feeling that this hospital really cares about its patients. In fact, this year’s theme, “With you and for you,” perfectly captures our vision and our actions.

However, our Association is always striving to do more. It continues to reflect on its actions, its initiatives and its methods of intervention. After updating its strategic plan last year, the Board of Trustees took on the complex task of designing and developing an operational plan that would serve as a tool to turn its vision into action.

This document will allow the Association not only to pursue its activities, but also to continue renewing and improving itself, while remaining innovative. Several new committees were created and new projects are currently underway.

As a result of this vision and action, our volunteers are becoming deeply rooted in their community, and they are proud of it. Not only are they proud to work in a Francophone hospital, but also to serve patients in their language, because they know that they are often in vulnerable situations and that being able to speak in their mother tongue facilitates communication and helps to ensure that they receive the highest quality service.

In particular, I would like to thank all the members of the Board of Trustees who, throughout the year, have demonstrated exceptional commitment, dedication and professionalism. They have devoted their talent and compassion to help us achieve our mission.

I would also like to thank our colleagues at the hospital’s Volunteer Services who enthusiastically support us in our daily work. And lastly, I would like to thank the members of Management who regularly express their appreciation for our contribution.

But of course, my most heartfelt thanks and congratulations go to the hundreds of volunteers at Hôpital Montfort, for their generosity and commitment. The compassion and thoughtfulness they bring to their work help to alleviate the challenges our patients face. I am so glad and proud to work with them by my side.

Adèle Copti-Fahmy
Chair of the Association des bénévoles de l’Hôpital Montfort

2017-2018 Board of Trustees of Hôpital Montfort’s Association des bénévoles

Chair : Adèle Copti-Fahmy
Vice-chair : Luc Goudreault
Secretary : Pauline Gagnon
Director of Finance and Treasurer : Denyse Brisson
Members : Louise Bourgault, Ann Bowen , Denis Lajoie, Diane Lefebvre , Brigitte Legare, Sister Linda Joseph, F.d.l.S , Marc Seguin