In addition to managing daily operations and implementing several continuous improvement projects, Montfort’s team paid special attention to the advancement of the major objectives in its Strategy 21, which seeks to make Montfort “your hospital of reference for outstanding services, designed with you and for you.”

The 2018-2019 edition of our Report to the Community focuses on strategic progress on these objectives, which will contribute to reducing hallway medicine while advancing our mandate as Ontario’s Francophone academic hospital.

Initiatives that make Montfort more than a hospital…

With the new Postnatal Care-at-Home Program, a midwife visits the home 24 hours after discharge from hospital to ensure that the mother and her newborn are doing well. Since September 2018, when the program was launched, 144 families have benefitted from this unique initiative in Canada.

than a birthing centre

To ensure that babies and their mothers have access to care as of 32 weeks gestation…

  • We analyzed the cases of mothers and babies transferred from Montfort to The Ottawa Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) over a one-year period, to understand and eventually respond to the needs of our community.
  • The master plan for remodelling the Family Birthing Centre and the nursery was completed.
  • The nurses assigned to the nursery acquired the special skills they need to care for newborns at 34 weeks or more.
  • Over the next two years, we will improve our services so that we can provide care for premature babies (32 weeks).

3,030 mothers came to Montfort to give birth

The satisfaction rate among mothers is 87.1%

We attained a compliance rate of 66% on the 10 conditions for obtaining the “Baby-Friendly Initiative” designation, making Montfort the most advanced hospital in the region

Montfort is one of the two hospitals in Ontario (out of 95) that distinguishes itself for best practices offered to mothers and their newborns

than a mental health program

So that a person receiving mental health care benefits from a Francophone therapeutic environment that focuses on recovery…

  • Our comfort room for the Mental Health Program (MHP) was completely revamped.
  • We are probably the first Francophone hospital in the world to have adapted and deployed the British Safewards program, which has allowed us to adopt recovery-based services while ensuring safety for all.
  • Three members from the volunteer team come in every week to give guitar and singing lessons to patients hospitalized in the MHP.
  • The new Accept-Action group in outpatient clinics enables Francophone patients living with schizophrenia to increase their autonomy in the community.

The seminar entitled “I am a person, not an illness”, drew over a hundred Montfort staff members as well as patients hospitalized in the MHP. Participants were deeply moved by the seminar.

92% of people who attended the MHP in 2018 would recommend our services to their loved ones

Over 120 employees in the MHP received training on mental health recovery

18 volunteers gave 1,300 hours to the MHP (friendly visits, BBQ, bowling parties, music, yoga or zootherapy), an increase of 800 hours compared with last year

For five years, many LEAN initiatives have been deployed by Montfort’s management team to fine-tune the efficiency of the Surgical Room. This year, the members of the surgery team announced that they are ready to take over this process and take full charge of all future LEAN initiatives for their sector.

than surgical procedures

To ensure that surgery patients no longer have to wait needlessly and to increase the volume of orthopaedic, oncology and other high-demand surgeries…

  • As part of a pilot project, patients who have undergone a hip or knee replacement without complications will be able to go home the same day, instead of being hospitalized for two days under our current protocol.
  • We have upgraded our practices to increase the safety of patients and healthcare workers during minimally invasive surgeries using lasers.
  • We are now analyzing all of our surgeries to compare our performance with international indicators, with a focus on pain management, emergency room readmission rates, the use of opiates and the rate of surgical site infections.

97% of patients in need of hip replacement have surgery within six months or less

After a minimally invasive hysterectomy, 100% of our patients can now go home within 24 hours

100% of patients who have had a hip or knee replacement receive a follow-up call within 48 hours of discharge with a 100% satisfaction rate

than a chronic disease

Montfort is striving to become a Clinical Centre of Excellence (CCE) recognized for the treatment of multimorbidity so that patients living with several chronic diseases, targeted by the CCE, benefit from completely integrated care…

  • A management tool for chronic diseases was developed in order to carry out an overall assessment of the patient’s condition.
  • We set up a six-month pilot project, launched in April 2019: the Chronic Disease Management Service.
  • We are committed to ensuring that the Orléans Health Hub, developed by Montfort in collaboration with its regional partners and slated to open in 2021, will also serve to meet the needs of patients living with several chronic diseases.

The Chronic Disease Management Service is a pilot project intended for patients at Montfort who are living with several chronic diseases. A multidisciplinary team of experts offers these patients a personalized global approach that focuses on their priorities and those of their loved ones. Together, they develop an action plan for their hospital stay as well as for their return home.

30% of Emergency Room patients at Montfort are living with several chronic diseases at the same time (22.8% elsewhere in the region)

68% of our patients hospitalized in medicine are living with two or more chronic diseases

By 2028, the number of hospitalized patients with multiple chronic diseases will increase by 35%

Montfort signed a partnership agreement with the Centre francophone de Toronto. Under the new agreement, the Toronto team will have access to Montfort’s resources and expertise in efficiency, optimization of primary and mental health using new technologies, among others.

than a regional hospital

So that Francophone patients from everywhere in Ontario benefit from telemedicine consultation services with physicians and other health professionals…

  • We have expanded the range of services offered by telehealth. At Montfort, more and more physicians (including orthopaedists and psychiatrists) and other health professionals (registered nurses, physiotherapists, etc.) now offer consultations via telehealth.
  • By using the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), our patients can now consult with a clinician from the comfort of their home, via computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • We also offer teleconsultation services to hospitals in Hawkesbury, Cornwall, Kapuskasing and Hearst; the family health teams in Hearst and Wawa; the counselling centres in Hearst, Kapuskasing and Smooth Rock Falls; and the Centre francophone de Toronto.

We went from 726 virtual visits in 2018 to 1,076 visits in 2019

At least eight new partnerships (hospitals, community health centres and other organizations) are developing across Ontario

than an academic hospital

With the support of the Institut du Savoir Montfort (ISM) – a Knowledge Institute…

We developed activities rooted in the development of a culture of knowledge…

  • We defined a framework so that Montfort staff members can participate in research projects.
  • Through some initiatives of the Choosing Wisely Canada program (reducing urinary catheters and managing broad-spectrum antibiotics), we gather evidence-based data and apply it in the units with the goal of increasing efficiency and reducing unnecessary procedures.

To implement targeted medical residency programs…
  • We welcomed two new residents, in surgery and obstetrics, in July 2018.
  • A position for residency in psychiatry was developed and posted in 2019.

To raise Montfort’s ranking among research hospitals…
  • The number of associate researchers rose from 80 to 94.
  • A recruitment campaign was launched to invite participants to take part in research projects.
  • We involved physicians and health professionals in recruitment for research projects.

Two new research chairs were created in 2018. The Research Chair in Medical Education aims to optimize training and enhance the wellness of patients by way of better-trained physicians, while the Addoceo Research Chair in Health Human Resources Development focuses on developing new interventions for health professionals using methodologies that are better adapted to today’s challenges.

Participation in scientific conferences organized by Montfort and the ISM increased by 10%

The hospital ranks 33rd among Canadian hospitals in research intensity

Montfort’s research budget is $121,900 per researcher

We offered 25,214 days of medical teaching

The Institut du Savoir Montfort – a Knowledge Institute launched its very own website in 2019. It provides everything you need to know about continuing education and research at Montfort. Take a look!

than training

To ensure that the Institut du Savoir Montfort – a Knowledge Institute assumes its role as a Centre of Excellence in education in French that includes internship coordination, and so that Francophone health professionals in Ontario receive professional support and training directly from Montfort…

  • “911 at the office” training, developed by Montfort, was offered five times in Ottawa, Toronto and Montréal.
  • We now have the expertise to offer LEAN Green Belt training ourselves, which involves the development and deployment of waste-reduction projects.

Some 100 Montfort staff members took the LEAN Green Belt training

The 18th edition of Journées Montfort brought together close to 300 participants for two days of continuing medical education in French

45 physicians took the “911 at the office” training

Through our One-Stop Shop, we recorded 24,682 days of professional training during the year